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w ELCOME TO MY PAGE! The Internet has virtually limitless uses for special educators. I've found beneficial ways to use the internet both as a student and as a teacher. Teachers can find lesson plans, teach lessons, and find information on every aspect of special education. Students (from elementary school to graduate school) can do research, spend leisure time and communicate with others.

For the past ten years, this award winning site has some of the best information on the web for special educators and students to use. I am interested in helping you by finding information that you need and providing links here. Please e-mail me with any requests for information, links you think I should add, or just to say hi! I update the links and information you will find as I find time.

About Me

I have worked in the field of special education since 1987. I began as a peer tutor in high school. I have been a tutor, a resource teacher for students in grades 4-12, an administrator of a special services cooperative and an special education coordinator in the fifth largest school district in the United States. I have a master's degree in mildly handicapped education from Henderson State University, and a doctorate in special education administration and supervision from Virginia Tech. The University's motto, "Ut Prosim" (that I may serve) deeply influences my feelings about my career in special education. As Nikki Giovanni said in her beautiful poem, "...We are Virginia Tech...We are strong and brave and innocent and unafraid. We are better than we think and not quite what we want to be. We are live to the imagination and the possibilty. We will continue to invent the future.... We are the Hokies!...." Although the poem was written at a tragic time, I think it gives us hope for the future and a sense of what we can do for others.

Providing support to other teachers, administrators and parents is one of my main career goals. I've received requests for information from parents, college students, teachers and administrators from all over the world. I love getting questions because every one helps me learn a bit more about helping kids with special needs. So if you need information and didn't find it on this site, let me know, and I'll try to help you out, then we can help others by expanding this page.

My research interests include Medicaid billing for related services, and technology issues. Autism is a research interest that relates to my work. I sincerely want to continue learning about best practices in curriculum and instruction. I like working on staff development.

Lisa Simpson, my alter ego

As for my personality, I am as much like Lisa Simpson as anyone could be. We have the same birthday, we are the middle girl and we both love jazz (I played sax in the stage band). Lisa's smarts are infused with a strong sense of morality, as are mine. Think of Lisa without vegetarianism, with a computer and as a grown woman with dark brown hair who speaks with a Southern accent, and you've pretty much described me. Don't you imagine Lisa growing up to be a scholar? Me, too! To that end, in July 2007 I presented and participated at the Joan L. Curcio International Women's Leadership Conference, held at Exeter College, Oxford University. Having the opportunity to tell other educators about my work in Las Vegas turned out to be a deeply moving experience.

I keep getting better with computers, hence this page. I really love working on it because it allows me to combine two of my favorite activities: web surfing and writing about special ed. I like keeping current with the state of the art in education and learning about new ways of dealing with the challenges we face. Inspiration for its further development comes after learning new techniques and research findings during staff development, meetings and working with teachers, parents and other administrators. Some of my leisure time interests include listening to classical music and classic rock, going to concerts, reading mysteries, and cheering on my favorite college football and basketball teams. Check out my favorite football team, the Hokies!

Table of Contents

Lesson Planning Teaching Research & Scholarship
Grants Statutes, Regulations & Case Law Contact Lawmakers
Government Agencies Read E-Journals, Newspapers & Magazines Provide Parental Support
Employment Organizations Support for People with Disabilities
Free Stuff Behavior Management Inclusion
IEPs Learning Co-Teaching
Early Childhood Transition Data
Starred links star overlap categories and/or have tons of information. Be sure and check them out!

Checking mail is a favorite part of my day!

October 18, 1998 Copyright 1998 Kay Davis, Ed.D.; Free and unrestricted use granted to educators and parents for non-profit purposes, if you agree to credit the author. Any views expressed in these pages are solely the author's. Updated October 02, 2008.

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