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Reading journals helps you keep up with research and gives you good instructional tips, too! Reading journals helps you stay informed in instruction, assessment, and the latest findings in educational research. Feel like some of your teaching methods are missing the mark? Try out some of the ones you can find by perusing these links:

starERIC has document abstracts, lesson plans and more. Need ideas or information for a paper? Look here.

Digital Librarian has newspapers, magazines and journals.

Educational Leadership from the ASCD is the premier journal for school administrators and supervisors.

A new site!starSpecial Education News answers a need in education for in-depth, timely news related to educating students with disabilities. Wow a newslink for us!

American School and University (AS&U) offers extensive research and commentary on the operational aspects of adminstration. I remember seeing this journal in superintendent's offices. While waiting to see the boss, I'd flip through it. Usually it has articles of interest to school executives.

star The American School Board Journal is the award-winning, editorially independent education magazine published by the National School Boards Association.

Community Update reaches over 268,000 parents, educators, and other citizens involved in school improvement efforts across the country. Featuring "best practices" and model programs from around the nation, Community Update focuses on how communities can learn from each other as they improve their schools.

starCreative Classroom Online is packed with ready-to-use ideas, time-saving tips, and practical advice from experts and readers like you.

The Daily Report Card is the national update on America's educational reform efforts.

Dodoland is an imaginary world where children can learn about saving the environment through creative activities.

starASCD EDUCATION BULLETIN: This online newsletter includes short items of interest to people who care about K-12 education (including early childhood). We cover topics of continuing concern to ASCD, including curriculum, instruction, assessment, technology, equity, diversity, and maintaining strong support for public schools.

From Now On-The Virtual Technology Journal will engage any educator interested in using educational technology as more than just a tool.

starHands On! is published semiannually by TERC, a not-for-profit education research and development organization dedicated to improving mathematics and science learning. The publication reports on the organization's work in developing curriculum, fostering teacher development, conducting research on teaching and learning, and in developing technology tools. It is read by over 20,000 members of the education community worldwide.

Journal of Industrial Teacher Education is part of the scholarly communications project from Virginia Tech, the university where I got my doctorate.

star Newsletters and Journals from ED Many newsletters sponsored by the Department of Education. From Early Childhood to College financing.

Phi Delta Kappan publishes articles concerned with educational research, service, and leadership. Issues, trends, and policy are emphasized.

The Professional Educator is published jointly by Auburn University’s Truman Pierce Institute and the College of Education. The journal, published semiannually, is devoted to the discussion of developments, issues, and trends in teacher education and in the professional development of teachers.

School News Index is a weekly publication that selects interesting Internet sites for educators, students, and parents.

Teacher Magazine provides this sort of information for the general reader who has an interest in current events and happenings in education.

starTeacher Talk is published by the Center for Adolescent Studies at the School of Education, Indiana University, Bloomington,IN.

star Scholarly Communications Project of VPI & SU has dissertations (including mine), electronic journals and other materials.

starNICHCY is the national information and referral center that provides information on disabilities and disability-related issues for families, educators, and other professionals.

Education from USA Today has news and information valuable to educators.

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